What do we know about sustainable construction? The importance to learn from the global knowledge. The Venezuelan case

Licia Pietrosemoli-de-Dikdan, Carlos Rodríguez-Monroy, Yilsy Nuñez-Guerrero

DOI: https://doi.org/10.20868/abe.2022.2.4944

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Construction stakeholders plan to guarantee the success of projects. Still, the results frequently are different in quality, time, or costs. The disruptions are frequent, and the stakeholders must be ready to react promptly to changes while keeping competitiveness and sustainability. This goal requires proper construction education. Based on diverse civil engineering and architecture programs, the article evaluates if current construction education includes past knowledge, notions of sustainability, and global matters to allow its participants to identify challenges and risks, giving them the tools to act appropriately. The results show different construction education perspectives. Some are very advanced, and others are not. The Venezuelan case is a reference to link theory and practice in the construction sector. Incorporating critical analysis and comparisons with data and cases from diverse successes, disruptions, or errors is presented as education innovation to support this industry's competitiveness and sustainability.

Palabras clave

Sustainability; Construction; Covid-19; Venezuela; Education Innovation


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