Caruso St.John and Robert Smithson: Interferences

Emilia Hernández Pezzi, Abel Fernández Villegas, Daniel García Marinas

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Intersecting points of view are the common theme of this issue of Cuadernos. The protagonists of our proposed point of intersection are the artist Robert  Smithson and the architects Adam Caruso and Peter St. John. Caruso and St. John refer to the North American artist’s work in order to explain their  remodeling project of Stortorget, the town square around the baroque  cathedral in the center of Kalmar, Sweden. With this idea as a starting point, we explore the work and the concerns of both the artist and the architects which allows us to describe convergences and harmonies of processes despite their thematic, ideological, and stylistic differences.

Palabras clave

Energy; memory; entropy; place; material

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