Algunos conceptos básicos en patología de la edificación = Some Basic Concepts in Building Pathology

Félix Lasheras

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This article aims to open up a discussion forum about some basic concepts of the theory of pathology. On the one side, it tries to clear up as well as to enrich our knowledge and on the other hand, it pretends to reach a consensus: not only to talk precisely about things (or to give names to things), but also so that everybody uses the same words for the same things. Therefore, I would dare put limits to some concepts,
sometimes with a blurred or fuzzy meaning, or even with different meanings for different people, trying to match the concept with a clear specific content which will help in acquiring a better understanding of building pathology.

What appears written next is open to discussion…

Palabras clave

Pathology; maintenance; failure; defects; injury; malformation; imperfection; aggression; risk factors

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