The "Replica sapiente". Some thoughts on the Theoretical Legacy of Paolo Marconi (Rome, 1933-2013)

Javier García-Gutiérrez Mosteiro

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The figure of Paolo Marconi can inevitably be found in any architectural heritage conservation debate which may have taken place since the 60’s; and this, not only in Italy. Right up until his last days, both in terms of theory and of architectural practice, he has been a relevant –sometimes, not exempt from controversy- landmark.
Questions that he opened up for us: the psychological dimension that justifi es reconstructions à l’identique; the recovery of beauty; the distinction between a “replica” and a “falsifi cation” in architecture; the defense of craft –and the crafts- of construction as a heritage value; the vindication of knowledge -the uso sapiente of architecture- before acting… From positions close to or distant from his, we should register these questions within the framework of any architectural heritage culture.

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Paolo Marconi; Architectoral Restoration; Replica reconstruction; Reconstruction in style; 20th Century Italian Architecture

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