La estabilidad como expresión

Juan Miguel Hernández León

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Stability is a territory where engineering and architecture meet. Modern technique has gradually been breaking up the knowledge previously inherent to building, structure and coating. Practical scientific vision implies a dispersion of existing experience. According to Deleuze, functions are the object of science and present themselves as propositions, always in relation to what we could call axes of reference. Facing the task of architecture from the technical scientific point of view is making use of a method that abstracts functions and sensations, spatial scale, directionality or isotropy, or the presence of matter or weight from the perception of gravity. Working with sensation places us in front of the specific "matter" of the creative process; because the goal of art is to configure a block of sensations, where all the matter of art becomes expressive. This is a task of interlacing variations, not variables; a concentration of experience. This entails revising the concept of form implied within the boundary conditions associated with the conceptual frame of stable/ unstable duality, as well as continuous modulation and variation. We would be in a territory where the different planes that define science, thinking and art interweave, and where the difference between engineering and art only resides in the kind of object being designed, and not in the segregation of the fields.

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