Flora of the mediterranean basin in the chilean ESPINALES: Evidence of colonisation

I. Martín-Forés, M. A. Casado, I. Castro, C. Ovalle, A. Del Pozo, B. Acosta-Gallo, L. Sánchez-Jardón, J. M. De Miguel
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In Chile’s Mediterranean region, over 18% of plant species are alien. This is particularly noteworthy in some agrosilvopastoral systems such as the espinales, which are functionally very similar to the Spanish dehesas and are of great ecological and socioeconomic interest. In the present paper we analyse Chile’s non-native flora, considering three scales of analysis: national, regional (the central region, presenting a Mediterranean climate) and at community level (the espinales within the central region). We compare this flora with that recorded in areas of the Iberian Peninsula with similar lithological and geomorphological characteristics, and land use. We discuss possible mechanisms that might have been operating in the floristic colonisation from the Mediterranean Basin to Chile’s Mediterranean region.

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