Alec Lazenby
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The experiences of the writer as a young research worker at the Welsh Plant Breeding Station, a demonstrator and lecturer at Cambridge University, Professor of Agronomy at the University of New England in Australia and Director of the Grassland Research Institute at Hurley in Britain, are described. Their effect, together with the influence of a number of leaders in grassland research, on the development of his style of leadership, management and training, are analysed. Some of the challenges he faced in the positions which he held, and the opportunities they presented, are mentioned, and an indication given of the methods used in attempting to achieve the objectives which were set. Following his return to Australia, he was involved in the enactment of Plant Variety Rights legislation; this has had both positive and negative effects which are briefly described. An opportunity was provided to particípate in the national debate on the organisation, priorities and funding, of rural research and development in Australia, and the writer was able to play a part in determining funding priorities for pasture plant improvement in the public sector. Recently, he has helped analyse opportunities for funding of priority projects for grassland research and development in southern Australia. Such work will require leadership skills, sensitive management and appropriate training, not least for farmers, if systems which not only improve pasture output, but are sustainable agriculturally, economically and environmentally, are to be developed

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