Project to train station in A Coruña

Alba Villanueva Méndez

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The project is proposed in response to the issue raised in the Structural Projects II subject, taught by Professor of Structures Javier Estévez Cimadevilla in the Higher Technical College of Architecture in Corunna. The proposal emphasizes the importance of structural design as a part of the architectural process. This project had to take architectural intentions into account, and it also had to include technical aspects in connection with materials and loads. . . which make the final answer more complex. The initial program includes a roof over the platforms and a building for offices and shops uses in Corunna. The basic questions are the need for high-sided elements to cover the span over the ends of the platforms, together with the connection between the roof and the building.

The project had to integrate both of its parts in a single unit that contributes to social relations while making use of public space in a building with the characteristics of a train station.

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Structure; train station

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