Building & Management

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Building & Management is an open access scientific e-journal without any cost for authors, promoted by the School of Building Engineering (ETSEM) of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), with an external blinded peer-review process and published every four months, three times a year (April, August and December). It aims at the dissemination of high quality original works related to the management of processes associated to buildings, in any phase of their development, where various agents in the sectors of architecture, engineering and construction participate.

B&M is open to participation of non-UPM authors and it is addressed to international building professionals and to those interested in the latest advances in the Management discipline, at both a theoretical and an empirical level. This journal is of special interest to researchers, university faculty staff, graduate students and to practitioners in different areas of building construction.

Key words: Building; engineering; construction; architecture; management; process; resource; planning; programming; coordination; deadline; material; system; project management; construction management; control; sensoring; monitoring; maintenance; facility management; licence; documentation; lean construction; measurement; cost; due diligence; design; contract; financing; risk prevention; health and safety; quality control;  environment; energy; water; hygrothermal comfort; acoustic comfort; air quality; accessibility; waste; reuse; renovation; heritage; certification; audit; urban, territory; real estate; judicial expertise; social; communication; information; ICT; big data; construction 4.0; etc.